Text 25 Mar 17 notes A peek inside: Ever Night Scripting

Hey all. :) This might be a bit more interesting to look at/read if I had some pictures of what I was working with.

However, I don’t. So meh.

But here’s a little behind the scenes of Ever Night. Let’s talk scripting, shall we?

I’m using an excerpt from Chapter 1 Page 10. 


PAGE TEN (three panels)

PANEL 1: Isaac has grabbed his drink, leaning on the counter. Aila’s looking back at him, surprised.

ISAAC (thought): She’s grown up a lot….

ISAAC: When do you get off work?

AILA: H-huh? Um…


PANEL 2: Digital clock reads 6:51 PM.

AILA (OP): In about an hour….


PANEL 3: Isaac smiling. Brad can also be seen pretty clearly looking around the corner from the backroom. Aila looks to Isaac then Brad OR Aila replying to Brad, slightly looking at him without fully turning her head. Your choice here.

ISAAC: Would you object to my returning and maybe treating you to dinner. Nothing fancy.

BRAD: Hey hey hey! My cousin’s only seventeen! How old are you, huh?

AILA: Shut up, Brad!

AILA (thought): It’s just dinner.



This is what Sarah sees. She does a series of thumbnail sketches with usually five pages per line and five rows for a grand total of twenty-five sketch pages per sketch book page. After that, we discuss a bit more where things are going and how placement is going to be.

Obviously things change between the rough phases of sketching and scripting. Sometimes it’s a minor change or two (like in this page). Some are a bit bigger.

Let’s use the latest page we have up: Chapter 1 Page 24.


PAGE TWENTY-THREE (three panels)

PANEL 1: Isaac and Aila removing their coats. Her shirt is long-sleeved while Isaac’s is a T-shirt. They’re by the table; can see the darkness outside of the window and the faint light of streetlamps.


PANEL 2: Aila and Isaac talking; can see some of the other patrons around.


PANEL 3: Aila glancing around a bit. She has a hand on her stomach. Her second dialogue is in a smaller bubble.

AILA: I hope the server gets here soon…

SFX: groooowl (Aila’s stomach)

AILA: Ugh…so hungry….


Notice a few things? Originally Page 16 was our Page 15 but we added in an extra page after 14, thus pushing the original Page 15 up to Page 16. :) So that’s why the numbering is off.


Quite a bit of difference, huh? This type of change happens due to several reasons: Sarah couldn’t fit everything in that she originally wanted or was suggested/told to do (which is fine); corners had to be cut for the sake of having the page out on time; something came out looking wonky and had to change as a result; or (in this case) Sarah did not read the script instructions closely enough and went her own way with things while I was busy with classes and failed to notice the discrepancy between script and sketch.

As she and I have both said before, a story must be fluid—that is why I make changes to our rough-rough drafts of story. This is also the reason we make allowances for each other and allow for change.

Due to the little goof-up on our parts, we decided to work with what we had. Rather than have a lot of open (negative) space in panels 2 & 3, I included different dialogue while Sarah went a different way in terms of ‘filling in’ the area. This included sound effects, a potted plant, and some more dialogue spaced out.

If you never budge from your script and think you might? DO IT. Everything is a work in progress. We have had some wonderful things crop up due to this reworking.

The Prologue? Totally a rework. :D

And that’s all for today!



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